Virtual Fluid-Object Interaction Laboratory

This project is an effort to develop an easy-to-use powerful computational environment for performing simulations involving fluid-object interactions. These would include any applications ranging from large-scale fluid-particle simulations to paratrooper/aircraft interaction studies.

One of the key components of the VFOIL is a Interactive Visualization and Interpretation Engine (IVIE) wich consists of a 2 processor Onyx2 with Infinite Reality Graphics. This computer was obtained through an ARO grant. The IVIE will be connected directly to an External Computing Engine (EXE) via a very fast HiPPI port. The user will have a choice of which EXE to use such as a 256 node T3E, a 512 node T3D, 512 node CM-5, or a 12 node SGI PCA. While the IVIE will do all pre and post-processing, as well as file management, the EXE will perform all computationally intensive tasks, namely the fluid-flow simulation using the finite element method.

More information will be posted as this project progresses.