MSNBC, 16 March 1997. Archiving the Internet for Posterity, by Alan Boyle. (archive version from Alexa)
The New York Times, CyberTimes, 9 March 1997. When Big Brother Is a Librarian, by John Markoff. Contact The New York Times to access this page.
Slate, 26 February 1997, page 11. Nothing but Net, by Bill Barnes. 
Scientific American, March 1997, page 82. Preserving the Internet, by Brewster Kahle. 
Packet, 21 February 1997. HotSeat, with John McChesney: How the Internet may realistically be archived. (A recorded interview you can listen to over the net using the Real Audio player).
San Jose Mercury News, 16 February 1997, page 1E. Quest to archive Web might make Quixote proud, by David Plotnikoff. 
The Irish Times, 27 January 1997. Brewster's Millions, Michael Cunningham. 
Upside Magazine, December 1996, page 66. The Upside Elite 100. Brewster Kahle, founder of Internet Archive, just squeaks in at position 100, on what Upside calls &quota list of the 100 most influential people in the so-called 'convergence industry' that we call our business (which includes information technology, media and telecommunications)." 
NPR Morning Edition, 1 October 1996, Hour 1: Host Bob Edwards talks with Brewster Kahle
You can listen to the interview over the internet using the Real Audio player; the interview starts 26 minutes into the program. 
NPR offers printed transcripts and cassette tapes for order; the interview summary appears in the daily program rundown.
Washington Post, 22 September 1996, page H01. In California, Creating a Web of the Past, by Rajiv Chandrasekaran.
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The New York Times CyberTimes Extra, 14 June 1996. Project Aims to Archive the Entire Internet, by Laurie J. Flynn. (You need to be a subscriber of The New York Times on the web to access this page.Subscriptions are presently free.) 
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