Board Members

Brewster Kahle
Chairman and Founder

Brewster is an engineer by profession, and an archivist at heart. Brewster designed supercomputers for Thinking Machines and founded WAIS, Incorporated before founding the Archive.
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Bruce Gilliat
Board Member

Bruce has a background in networking and online content strategies. He was also the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Fibronics International, a fiber optic distribution and FDDI manufacturer based in Massachusetts and Israel.

Bruce joined WAIS Inc. as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing developing the product and studio markets for WAIS Inc. until WAIS Inc. was purchased by America Online. WAIS Inc. provided the commercial implementation of the Wide Area Information Server (WAISserver) and was an early leader in the WWW server development for partners such as CMP Publications, The New York Times, and Stanford University.

Peter Lyman
Board Member

Peter Lyman is University Librarian, and Professor in the School Information Management and Systems, at the University of California, Berkeley.

He received his BA in Philosophy from Stanford University, a Masters degree from Berkeley in Political Science, and a Ph.D. from Stanford in Political Science in 1972. He taught Political Theory at Michigan State University, and was a visiting professor at Stanford University and the University of California at Santa Cruz. Previously he has been Assistant Director of Academic computing at Michigan State University, Executive Director of the Center for Scholarly Technology, and University Librarian at the University of Southern California.

His research interests include the political sociology of emotions, ethnographic research on computer mediated communication, the impact of information technologies upon the sociology of scholarly communication and publication, especially upon the management of the Library and Computer Center, and future of the Library in an information society. He has published over forty articles on libraries and information technology.
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