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Commission 37 of the International Astronomical Union deals with all aspects of Globular Cluster, Open Cluster, and Stellar Associations research. With Commission 33 it forms Division VII of the IAU.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Last updated by July 17, 2001!

Proposals for IAU Symposia, Colloquia, and co-sponsored meetings planned for 2003 must reach the President of Division VII


if they look for support from Division VII and any of its two Commissions (#33 Structure and Dynamics of the Galactic System and # 37 Star Clusters and Associations) and in order to be considered at the 76th Executive Committee meeting to be held in May 2002. For further details, proposers are kindly asked to check the web site for IAU meeting proposals.

Note that this refers in particular to proposals for Symposia and Joint Discussions at the XXVth IAU General Assembly in 13-26 July 2003 (Sydney, Australia)!

Commission Contact:
Dr. Georges Meylan (President 2000-2003)
Post: Space Telescope Science Institute, 3700 San Martin Drive,
          Baltimore MD 21218, USA
Tel:   +1 410 338 4483
Fax:   +1 410 338 4767
Email: gmeylan@stsci.edu

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