Living a Life of Imagination

Edgar Dryden has been called one of the most important literary scholars in American literature. On December 9, 2010, he was inducted as a Regents’ Professor, joining the ranks of those who have earned the highest honor that the Arizona Board of Regents bestows for academic achievement.

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Feeding the Future

A team of scholars at the University of Arizona’s Southwest Center are studying the future of ranching in the region. Folklorist Maribel Alvarez and ethnobotanist Gary Paul Nabhan are documenting new techniques that could lower the carbon footprint of beef production, stimulate the local food economy and nourish the desert ecosystem.

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Bold Medicine, Golden Innovation

For patients facing the problem of cancer, chemotherapy represents a great solution. Still, such treatment brings with it debilitating side effects. An innovation by a UA team associated with the BIO5 Institute has the potential to alleviate those effects by coating nano-scale drug capsules with gold to control dose delivery to tumor cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed.

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From Initiatives to Action

Mops made from recycled soda bottles; a free Bike Share program; Smart Cars and Priuses available on campus for only eight dollars an hour. The University of Arizona is committed to sustainability, and its green initiatives are reducing the campus’s carbon footprint while improving the quality of life for students, faculty and staff.

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If It Doesn’t Survive Here, It Could Be Gone Forever

Archaeologist Pearce Paul Creasman has a passion for trees and the stories they tell. As curator of the UA’s Tree Ring Lab, he is archiving the world’s largest collection of tree ring samples – over 2 million specimens – spanning 8,000 years of history.

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