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The Western Sentinel is the newspaper of the Edmonton Garrison. It is published every second Thursday.

Vol. 7, No. 22

December 1, 2005

1-4     Cover: ‘On Guard’, Pte Woodfield killed in LAV accident, WES trials in Wainwright, Kandahar soccer tournament, Afghanistan rebuild photo, Strathconas Leopard tank shoot

5-8      Denwood Dispatch: the Wainwright training area; 1   CER builds Smokey Smith Bridge

9-12     Teaching Chilliwack youth about veterans, Summer in Alert

13-16   The Shilo Stag: 2 PPCLI at Phoenix Ram, 1 RCHA parachute training

17-20    3 PPCLI adventure training, 7 CFSD presents painting, CANEX MP Blind Fund photo, Public Service Employment Act information

21-24    CRA pool news, Safe and Sober tree, CRA library news

25-28   CRA pool news continued, CRA youth programs, CRA community ticket sales, CRA adult programs

29-32    Sports: Women's self-defence, Weight room safety, Broomball and hockey stats; Guthrie Gators, MFRC


Managing Editor Captain van Diepen  780-973-4061
Editor Captain Weingardt 780-973-4151
Advertising Holly Hutton 780-468-0397
Administration Corporal Goundry 780-973-4046