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Education ReimbursementNon-Commissioned Members as well as officers of the Primary Reserve now have an opportunity to recover part of their tuition while serving in the CF. As a result of the Standing Committee on National Defence and Veterans Affairs recommendations to improve access the higher education for Non-Commissioned Members, a trial of Education Reimbursement for Primary Reserve Officers has been revised to include NCMs.

Designed for part-time members of the Primary Reserve, this program will provide 50% of tuition (limited to $2,000 annually) for Naval, Army, Air and Communication Reservists who have completed initial undergraduate degree courses as well as any college post-secondary courses which are formally recognized as an equivalency for the member's military occupation. Payment will be made each September through Primary Reserve units to members who have successfully completed basic military training and their academic

To be eligible, members must:

  • be on the effective strength of a Primary Reserve Unit
  • be registered at a Canadian post-secondary institution
    register courses started on or after 1 September 2000 with the Base/Wing Personnel Selection Officer
  • successfully complete the basic military training course specified by the Primary Reserve element

To register for the programme, obtain a copy of ADM(HR-Mil) Instruction 04/01 from your Primary Reserve unit.

These benefits are the result of a full review of the Personal Enhancement Program in response to Quality of Life initiatives. Improvements to education reimbursement benefits for Regular Force and full time Reservists are described in a separate article. A study of further education benefits for the Reserves is underway in the Directorate of Training and Education Policy to identify the needs of the Cadet Instructors Cadre and the Canadian Rangers as well as a broader range of courses for Primary Reservists.

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Publication Date: 30-Jan-2003
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