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14 (Calgary) Service Battalion
14 (Calgary) Service Battalion
14 (Calgary) Service Battalion

14 (Calgary) Service Battalion

14 (Calgary) Service Battalion is a Combat Service Support Unit that provides transportation, supply and maintenance support to all Field Units under combat conditions. Located in Southern Alberta, we are tasked to provide Combat Service Support to all other Reserve units of 41 Canadian Brigade Group. In addition, the Battalion has provided a large number of soldiers as augmentees to the Regular Force for operational taskings in Germany, Cyprus, Egypt, Cambodia, Bosnia, Croatia, Haiti and Somalia.

Reserve Vehicle Technician Cooperative Program

The aim of the Army Reserve Vehicle Technician Cooperative Program is to provide the Militia with the qualified Vehicle Technicians in less training time. At the same time, this program offers incentive for those persons interested in becoming a member of the Canadian Forces through reserve employment. The program is open to applicants who are accepted unconditionally in a two-year Automotive Technician program at an accredited community college. Those accepted into the program will attend community college at their own expense during the academic year. However, you may be eligible for reimbursements from the military. Military and MOC training are conducted in a part-time basis throughout the academic year and on a full time basis throughout the summer period. A list of participating colleges is available from your Recruiter. Any other
questions or concerns please call 310-ARMY.


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14 (Calgary) Service Battalion

14 (Calgary) Service Battalion

NE Armouries
1227 38th Ave NE
Calgary, AB T2E 6M2


Publication Date: 27-May-2003
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