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18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)
18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)
18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)

18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)

Javelin air defence weapon18th Air Defence Regiment RCA is responsible for providing close air defence to formations in the field.

The Regiment is also tasked to support domestic operations such as Remembrance Day, Victoria Day, and Canada Day salutes

Our Mission: The role of Air Defence is to prevent the enemy interfering from the air with the conduct of operations on the ground.

Land Force Western Area is starting to concentrate on mounting Task Force 1-08.The composition of this Task Force is unique as it will see the highest concentration of reserve participation in LFWA history. Over 550 Primary Reservists will fill numerous positions across the sector. TF 1- 08


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18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)

18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)

Vimy Ridge Armoury
337 Stubb Ross Road
Lethbridge, AB T1K 7N3


Publication Date: 31-October-2006
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