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18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)
18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)
18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)

18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)

Artillery Officer

What They Do

The function of the Artillery Officer is to command and lead artillery troops, exploiting their firepower, flexibility and shock action on the modern battlefield. The Artillery Officer is responsible for the training, the morale, the discipline, and the combat efficiency of his troop, and the operational readiness of his equipment.

At all levels, as an Artillery officer, you will be faced with decision-making and responsibilities. As well, you will be exposed to numerous high technology equipment such as missile and gun systems, laser range finders, fire control computers, surveillance and acquisition radars, and communications equipment of all types. You will be expected to make timely decisions using this equipment, and will have to condition yourself to handling new and greater responsibilities as your career progresses.

Qualifications Requirement

You will be expected to meet Canadian Forces medical standards, and go through a selection process which includes test and interviews.

Working Environment

As an officer in the artillery profession, you can expect to work in many different environments and in all types of weather. Some officers wil be given the opportunity to orient their career toward Air Defence Artillery. This requises additional training at the Air Defence Artillery involves coordinating guns and missiles in the air defence of ground forces or military airfields.

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18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)

18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)

Vimy Ridge Armoury
337 Stubb Ross Road
Lethbridge, AB T1K 7N3


Publication Date: 16-Jan-2003
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