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18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)
18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)
18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)

18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)

Artillery Soldier (Air Defence)

What They Do

The Air Defence Artillery is a member of the combat arms; however, its role is unique and autonomous to the roles of the Infantry, Armoured, Field Engineer and Field Artillery units which make up the Combat Arms Team. Air Defence Artillery is not restricted to supporting land-based operations; the protection of airfields is equally important in preventing enemy aircraft from interfering with any of our operations.

  • Operate and maintain air defence missile and gun systems
  • Drive and maintain various wheeled and tracked vehicles
  • Handle, sort and store artillery ammunition
  • Operate radios and field telephones
  • Operate Air Defence Artillery target acquisition and tracking radars
  • Operate and perform user maintenance on personal weapons, machine guns and light anti-tank weapons
  • Fight as a combat arms soldier
  • Perform Air Defence technical and administrative duties.

Initial Employment

On completion of the basic occupation training, personnel are normally employed in one of the following locations:

Qualification Requirements

Gunners, as soldiers of the Air Defence Artillery are called, must be physically fit, self-reliant and able to function effectively under pressure. They must be able to work well as members of a team, and must be courageous and adaptable. An interest in technical equipment and mathematical ability are particularly necessary. Technological advances in weapon systems, radars and electronics, as well as sophisticated communications equipment have made good learning ability essential to ARTY AD personnel.


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18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)

18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)

Vimy Ridge Armoury
337 Stubb Ross Road
Lethbridge, AB T1K 7N3


Publication Date: 16-Jan-2003
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