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18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)
18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)
18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)

18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)

Selection Criteria

To be eligible for enrolment:

  • You must be a Canadian citizen; however, a permanent resident (landed immigrant) may be considered for employment.
  • You may commence enrolment documentation if you are 16 on the day of the signature of the paper of enrolment and are able to provide written parental or legal guardian consent.
  • You must consent to undergo a reliability check.

You must meet the following educational requirements:

  • all military occupation for non-commissioned members require Secondary 3 or Grade 10 as a minimum education. Certain occupations require a enrolment as an officer is a high school leaving diploma at a level leading to university entrance (or a CEGEP in Québec) which includes courses in math, English ro French and chemistry or physics.

You must meet all CF medical and enrolment standards.

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18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)

18th Air Defence Regiment (RCA)

Vimy Ridge Armoury
337 Stubb Ross Road
Lethbridge, AB T1K 7N3


Publication Date: 21-Dec-2002
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