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20th Field Regiment (RCA)
20th Field Regiment (RCA)
20th Field Regiment (RCA)

20th Field Regiment (RCA)

Artillery ranging the guns20th Field Regiment RCA is Alberta's only Field Artillery Regiment. It consists of Regimental Headquarters and 61 Battery at the LCol Debeny Armoury in Edmonton and 78 Battery in Red Deer. The Regiment is equipped to provide a close support Artillery Battery to support other combat arms in defensive and offensive operations.
The Regiment achieves its aim by conducting live fire exercises at CFB Wainwright up to 5 times a year and by conducting "Regimental School" every year in which it runs trade specific courses including QL3 Basic Artilleryman, Artillery Comms, Basic Artillery and Forward Observer Technician courses.

The Regiment is also tasked to support domestic operations such as Remembrance Day, Victoria Day, and Canada Day salutes

Land Force Western Area is starting to concentrate on mounting Task Force 1-08.The composition of this Task Force is unique as it will see the highest concentration of reserve participation in LFWA history. Over 550 Primary Reservists will fill numerous positions across the sector. TF 1- 08


Our Mission: Field Artillery is one of the combat arms. Along with Armour, Infantry and Field Engineer units, the Artillery forms the Combat Arms team that fights the enemy. The Artillery contribution to this team is the firepower of the 105mm howitzer, which assists the other arms in their task of closing with and destroying the enemy.

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20 Field Regiment (RCA)

20th Field Regiment (RCA)
Headquarters and 61 Field Battery

Lt-Col Philip Debney Armoury
8403 Roper Road, Edmonton, AB T6E 6T5

78 Field Battery
Cormack Armoury
4402 - 55th Street
Red Deer, AB T4N 2H1


Publication Date: 31-Oct-2006
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