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Reserve Contribution




One of the facets of the 2 PPCLI commendation that distinguishes it from other missions, including the performance of the Battalion at Medak, is the magnitude and size of the reserve contribution to the 2 PPCLI team for this operation. About 50 reserve units from across the country generated approximately 400 reserve soldiers of a wide range of ranks and trades for Operation HARMONY.  With the passage of time, individuals may have retired, transferred to other units, or between components.  These veterans will today be found in many other places throughout the Army, CF or beyond.

Reserve Units Contributing to the
2 PPCLI Battle Group
April-September 1993

British Columbia

  • 5th (British Columbia) Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
  • 15 Field Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
  • 6 Field Engineer Squadron
  • The Rocky Mountain Rangers 
  • The Royal Westminster Regiment
  • The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada
  • The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's)
  • 11 (Victoria) Medical Company
  • 12(Vancouver)Medical Company


  • The South Alberta Light Horse 
  • The King's Own Calgary Regiment    
  •  20 Field Artillery Regiment (Royal Canadian Artillery)
  • 8 Field Engineer Regiment  
  • 33 Field Engineer Squadron  
  • The Loyal Edmonton Regiment  
  • The Calgary Highlanders  
  • 14 (Calgary) Service Battalion
  • 15 (Edmonton) Service Battalion


  • The Saskatchewan Dragoons
  • The North Saskatchewan Regiment (Saskatoon)
  • B Company - The North Saskatchewan Regiment
    (Prince Albert)
  • The Royal Regina Rifles
  • 16 (Regina) Medical Company


  • 26 Field Artillery Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
  • The Royal Winnipeg Rifles
  • The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada
  • 17 (Winnipeg) Service Battalion


  • Hastings & Prince Edward Regiment
  • Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment
  • 116 Independent Field Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery (Kenora)
  • The Lake Superior Scottish Regiment

New Brunswick

  • 8 Canadian Hussars (Princess Louise's)
  • 3 Field Artillery Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery
  • 1 Royal New Brunswick Regiment
  • 2 Royal New Brunswick Regiment

Nova Scotia

  • 1 Field Artillery Regiment
  • 84 Independent Field Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery
  • 45 Field Engineer Regiment
  • Princess Louise Fusiliers
  • West Nova Scotia Regiment
  • 1 Nova Scotia Highlanders
  • 2 Nova Scotia Highlanders
  • 31 (St John) Service Battalion
  • 3 (Halifax) Service Battalion

Prince Edward Island

  • Prince Edward Island Regiment


  • 56 Field Engineer Regiment
  • 1 Royal Newfoundland Regiment
  • 2 Royal Newfoundland Regiment
  • 36 (Newfoundland) Service Battalion



Reserve Contribution


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