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6 Intelligence Company
6 Intelligence Company
6 Intelligence Company

6 Intelligence Company

The Intelligence Branch, to which 6 Intelligence Company belongs, is unique when compared to Military Intelligence occupation groups in other countries. Most others are divided along service lines such as Corps, etc. However, the Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch is completely unified across all operating environments, with officers and enlisted personnel serving as skilled professionals in the Army, Navy and Air Force, at home and in numerous countries around the world.

Land Force Western Area is starting to concentrate on mounting Task Force 1-08.The composition of this Task Force is unique as it will see the highest concentration of reserve participation in LFWA history. Over 550 Primary Reservists will fill numerous positions across the sector. TF 1- 08


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6 Intelligence Company

6 Intelligence Company

Brigadier James Curry Jefferson Bldg
Armoury Support Centre, room 103
11630 - 109 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5G 2T8


Publication Date: 31-Oct-2006
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