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6 Field Engineer Squadron
6 Field Engineer Squadron
6 Field Engineer Squadron

6 Field Engineer Squadron

Our Mission: In every operational situation, whether combat or otherwise, mobility is key. Maybe it is keeping a major supply road open, building a bridge or clearing an obstacle.

Mine clearing


VANCOUVER - 39 Canadian Brigade Group, the Army Reserve formation responsible for B.C., is gaining valuable personnel and resources under the national Land Force Reserve Restructure program. The enhancements include a 50-soldier Engineer Support Squadron at Sardis, near Chilliwack, and five contingency planning officers in major cities.


You will be trained to build or repair roads, floating rafts, bridges and housing or operate power tools and heavy equipment. You may clear or remove booby traps.

The need for demolitions and explosives is also an engineer responsibility because of their specialized training.

Being an integral part of the army, you will be trained in basic combat skills. Weapons handling and marksmanship, infantry tactics, orienteering and first aid will be part of your new set of skills.

You will live and work out-of-doors and practice your skills day and night; in the rain and snow. You may deploy on United Nations missions. These are not always in the best places...not a vacation spot.

The motto of the Engineers is "Ubique", which means "Everywhere".

If you like to work with your hands, with power tools, and like to make things happen then the Field Engineer trade might be for you.


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6 Field Engineer Squadron

6 Field Engineer Squadron

1513 Forbes Avenue, North Vancouver, B.C., V7M 2Y4
Orderly Room: 1-866-880-5529

Chilliwack Area
Phone: 1-866-880-5529
ASU Chilliwack, 5535 Korea Road, Chilliwack , BC V2R 5P2

Publication Date: 2003-01-07
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