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Effective 1 November 1966, 74 Communication Group West with its Headquarters in Vancouver, was formed and 732 Communication Squadron was re-designated as 742 Communication Squadron. The Squadron was formed through an amalgamation of elements of Number 2 Communications Unit of the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Alberta Signal Squadron of the Canadian Army Signal System. On the formation of Canadian Forces Communication Command in 1970, the Squadron became a unit of 74 Communication Group. On 20 February 1996 an agreement was signed to form a consolidated Garrison Telecommunications and Information Systems Organization. The agreement placed all resources of 742 Communication Squadron under the operational control of the Commander, Edmonton Garrison. In turn, the existing Base Telecommunications and Information Systems Unit was placed under the operational control of the Commanding Officer, 742 Communication Squadron.

742 Communication Squadron is responsible for the operation and maintenance of strategic communications in Alberta and British Columbia. The Squadron also provides for the provision and maintenance of telecommunications support and Automated Data Processing (ADP) management services for Edmonton Garrison and associated units. Taskings include the processing of all incoming and outgoing message traffic at the communication facility in Edmonton and Wainwright. The Cold Lake and Yellowknife detachments were transferred to different Commands in April 1998, and Suffield was transferred in April 1999 . The Squadron also operates the Military Aeronautical Communication System (MACS) site in Edmonton, which is part of a high frequency radio system that provides communications for military aircraft, SAR support message services, weather information, and phone patch services. Additionally, the Squadron also operates the Western Gateway, one of two high power high frequency radio stations in Canada, communicating with Canadian Units deployed overseas on missions with the United Nations.

On April 18th, 1998 742 Communication Squadron was transferred from DISO to under command of Chief of Land Staff and renamed 742 Signal Squadron.

The Squadron’s Troops provide all technical support for the above resources.

The Squadron Crest which was approved in 1981, is the Bulldog which symbolizes the faithful service that the Squadron gives to its users and the perseverance shown by the Squadron personnel in the completion of their mission. This theme is supported by the Squadron’s motto - Perseveramus, which is latin for We Persevere. The Aurora Boreales represents the Squadron’s extensive involvement in the Canadian Arctic and the color of the crest is common to all Canadian Forces Communication Units.



Respected, Responsive and Reliable