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ASC Edmonton is currently one of four decentralized Land Force Area constructive simulation sites. It was established in 1997 to specifically support synthetic environment (SE) operations and training activities for all regular and reserve units in LFWA. The site focuses its main effort on the delivery of mandated constructive simulation assisted exercises (SAX) ranging from troop/platoon to battle group level operations as directed by LFDTS and executed by LFWA.

ASC Edmonton's parent organization is the Directorate of Land Synthetic Environment (DLSE), the National Technical Authority for Army simulation. DLSE is a Directorate of Land Force Doctrine and Training System (LFDTS).  The Directorate ensures consistency and uniformity in all simulation matters. ASC Edmonton is staffed by key contracted full time personnel who report to an in-location military authority.

Flash:  Draft SAS SOPs Website available (click here)

Flash:  Updated Calendar as of 08 Feb 05.


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 Date published: 2005-02-08

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