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1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group

1 CMBG Headquarters is based in Edmonton,Alta.
The Brigade consists of 12 units, located in
Edmonton, Alta., Shilo,Man. and


39 Brigade  

39 Canadian Brigade Group

39 CBG Headquarters is based in Vancouver,B.C.
The Brigade consists of 14 units, located 
throughout British Columbia.


41 Brigade


41 Canadian Brigade Group

41 CBG Headquarters is based in Calgary, Alta.
The Brigade consists of 11 units, located 
throughout Alberta.



38 Canadian Brigade Group

38 CBG Headquarters is based in Winnipeg, Man.
The Brigade consists of 16 units, located 
throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and
the Lakehead region of Ontario.



1 Area Support Group

1 ASG Headquarters is based in Edmonton,Alta. The Group is made up of 10 units throughout Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.


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