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     Canforgen 124/02
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     -Area Reserve Advisory Group Conference -        April 26,27/03
     -Senior Leadership Conference-        September/03

In Memoriam
     Eulogy - Sergeant Marc Léger
     Eulogy - Corporal Ainsworth Dyer
     Eulogy - Private Richard Green
     Eulogy - Private Nathan Smith
     Repatriation of Corporal Vermeulen

Marc Léger Memorial Project
     Dedication Ceremony

Train for War, Strive for Peace
      - LFWA Magazine

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United Way Campaign 2004
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Op Athena Roto 2
Photo of the Day from Afghanistan  
Flag Raising Ceremony-Edmonton
Training in the Edmonton Area
      Donations for Aghanistan

Operation Sovereign Patricia

 Op Peregrine(Firefighting in B.C)
     Helicopter Lift
     Soldiers Help Fight Forest Fires
     Dragons Roar Into Action in Kelowna
     Military Police Christen the Ground
     CF Pilot Teaches Firefighting Skills
     Edward Pulaski
     Op Peregrine in Full Flight
     1PPCLI                        3PPCCLI 
     1RCHA                        LDSH(RC)
      Reservists                  Navy
              38CBG Reservists

COP Paladin

Op Palladium
        Roto 12 Departure
        Roto 11 Dismissal - Reserves
        Roto 11 Dismissal - Reg Force

        Roto 11 Return

Op Grizzly - G-8 Support

Op Plume (Fire  Fighting)   1  2  

Op Apollo
      Deployment - 1      2
      Brigadier-General  Fenton Visits Afghanistan
      Close Out Parade and Cairn Dedication
      Soldiers Return From Afghanistan   1  2   3
      Security Force Deployment
      Welcome Home Parade

                     Exercises and Training

1Service Batallion - Convoy Operations

Exercise Southern Partricia 2004

Exercise Strong Contender 2004

Exercise Virtual Ram

Exercise Robust Ram

Exercise Poseidon Duke

Exercise Strong Contender 2002


Strathcona Mounted Troop Performance
Don Cherry-Ron MacLean Visit
His Royal Highness The Earl of Wessex Appointed       Colonel-in-Chief of The Sask.Dragoons
Rogaine Orienteering Event
Prime Minister's Visit - 2001
Freedom of the City Parade - Calgary - Oct. 2003
Mountain Man Challenge 2001    1      2
IAAF World Championships        1      2      3
Bosnian Students - Mine Awareness Training &         Arrival
Davis Bridge Building