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Close-Quarter Combat Training at Edmonton Garrison

Edmonton Garrison - About 100 soldiers from Third Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (3 PPCLI) conducted close-quarter combat training at Edmonton Garrison October 14, 2004 in preparation for follow-on training in Fort Lewis, Washington. More

Photo of the Day from Op Athena, Roto 2

High Res Photo

October 18, 2004, Kabul Afghanistan - After ballots from the Afghan presidential election are tallied election workers, like the man pictured here working at the Darualaman counting house, take the counted ballots and place them into bins for storage.

The October 9th Afghan presidential election was by any measure a success, however, after the election, counting was delayed until the 14th of October because of candidates’ concerns about the validity of the elections. After a committee began to address their concerns, counting began in earnest.

Photo: Cpl S. Phillips, TFK Photographer

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Success Story:  Kevin Ajas counts his blessings every single day.

 Radio Transcript - Brigadier-General Beare  with Peter Warren, September 25, 2004

Radio Transcript - Brigadier-General Beare  CBC News World,
September 27, 2004

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Canadian Firefighters Help Counterparts in Kabul

Firepower, Mobility and Protection
(August 27, 2004)

Mountain Man Competition 2004

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Updated:  2004-10-19 

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