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Canadian Army Reservists: Land Force Western Area

Reservists train with live fire

Members of the Primary Reserve Force in the Canadian Army are Canadians like yourself -- your neighbours, your relatives, your fellow workers. They may be professionals, students, homemakers, industrial workers or business people.

These dedicated men and women volunteer to serve Canada part-time in the Canadian Forces. They are ordinary citizens who make an extraordinary commitment to Canada's sovereignty and international security by giving a portion of their time to service in the military. Their training is carried out locally, but they are ready to assist wherever they are needed.

Primary reservists work abroad on international peacekeeping and humanitarian operations. At home, they participated in operations to help Canadians during the 1997 floods in Manitoba, the 1998 ice storm in eastern Canada and the crash of Swissair Flight 111.

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Interesting Reading:

Animosity in the ranks: The difficulty of integrating reserve augmentees
into regular force battalions
- Canadian Army Journal Vol. 10.1 Spring 2007

Reservists are now required more in order to meet operational commitments. This paper, by Sgt Kurt Grant, discusses the issues involved in
integrating the two forces.