Task Force 1-08:Commander's Message

LAVIII and up-armoured G-wagon with gun turrets

Brigadier-General M. Skidmore

Land Force Western Area continues to keep its focus on ensuring that we provide a highly trained combat capable force. Right now we are concentrating on mounting Task Force 1-08, with the majority of the 2500 troops coming from 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group with Second Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry as the lead unit.

The composition of this Task Force is unique as it will see the highest concentration of reserve participation in LFWA history. Over 550 Primary Reservists will fill positions to reinforce infantry companies, engineer sections, artillery detachments as well as support elements of the Civil Military Cooperation, National Command Element and the National Support Headquarters.

Canada is dealing with sustained combat operations in Afghanistan and we need to bring the Total Force Regular and Reserve- to deal with the very volatile environment we are facing. The professionalism displayed by Reserves in previous operations around the globe in areas like Afghanistan, Bosnia, Croatia and Haiti, has won them high regard. Land Force Western Area is engaging the whole team, of which the Reserves are an integral part, to do the job our country has asked us to do.
General Skidmore
Land Force Western Area

Updated:  2006-11-21

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