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Land Force Western Area, one of four area commands of the Canadian Army, was established on September 1st, 1991 to take command of all regular and reserve army units in Western Canada.

LFWA consists of three Reserve Brigade Groups, One Regular Mechanized Brigade Group, One Area Support Group, Western Area Training Centre and CFB Suffield, Alberta.

LFWA's three Reserve Brigades, 38 Canadian Brigade Group, headquartered in Winnipeg, 39 Canadian Brigade Group, headquartered in Vancouver, and 41 Canadian Brigade Group, headquartered in Calgary, roughly correspond to the provinces in which they reside. 38 Canadian Brigade Group includes Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and the portion of Ontario west of Thunder Bay. The regular force brigade, 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group consists of the regular force units in Winnipeg, Shilo and Edmonton.

1 Area Support Group is headquartered in Edmonton and provides suport through Area Support Units located in Edmonton, Calgary, Chilliwack, Shilo and 1 General Support Battalion, located in both Edmonton and Shilo.

LFWA is larger than all but five countries in the United Nations. It includes more than 6,000 regular force and 5,700 reserve force members, and 1,200 civilian employees.

The implementation of "Total Force" in Canada's Army has unified organization and operations of both regular and reserve elements. This change has enabled the Army to take forces needed for operational deployment from supporting infrastructure of bases, schools and training facilities. Visible proof of this important achievement is LFWA's high level of participation in United Nations operations.

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