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Learning in a Global Age: Knowledge and Skills for a Flat World

Jun 22, 2009

A multi-sector group of policy leaders and education innovators from Asia and the United States gathered to discuss how to prepare students for a global age.  Participants, including Ministry officials, business and technology leaders, education innovators, and scholars engaged in focused discussions on today’s shared challenges and innovations in education worldwide.

This report summarizes the presentations and discussions from the Forum, which examined the need for world-class education standards, the importance of creating educational environments that foster talent and innovation, and the necessity of reducing inequity in educational provision and quality across countries.  Participants found many areas of agreement as well as areas where the future seemed less clear.  What is apparent is the magnitude of changes that are taking place and will occur across Asia and the United States and the urgent need to bring our schools out of the twentieth century.

This publication is available only as a PDF download. 

ChinaAPforumreport.pdf689.35 KB

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