The Hot Star Newsletter
The Hot Star Newsletter is an electronic publication on hot massive stars (Wolf-Rayet stars, LBV, Of, O, B and A stars) and related phenomena in galaxies. Its aim is to foster the rapid exchange of information between researchers in the field by distributing:
- abstracts of papers,
- abstracts of doctoral dissertations,
- news: meetings, observing campaigns, jobs, etc.

It is distributed monthly by e-mail as a LaTeX file (less than 100 kBytes) to over 400 astronomers, as well as to a number of libraries worldwide. Before subscribing, read the subscription information. To prepare a contribution, read the instructions to authors.

Current and back issues of the newsletter

Eta Car and other observing campaigns

IAU Symposium No. 193 on "Wolf-Rayet Phenomena in Massive Stars and Starburst Galaxies" and other meetings on hot massive stars.

The working group on hot massive stars

Catalogues and atlases

Wolf-Rayet bibliography

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