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Publikationen der Arbeitsgruppe Holweger/
Publications of the working group Holweger

Publications 1999

  1. Inga Kamp, Marc Hempel
    Wega: Ein Standardstern geht unter
    Sterne und Weltraum 3 (1999)

  2. Inga Kamp, Marc Hempel
    Zirkumstellare Scheiben: Fruehphase in der Entstehung von Planetensystemen
    Sterne und Weltraum 3 (1999)

Publications 1998

  1. Aellig M.R., Holweger H., Bochsler P., Wurz P., Grünwald H., Hefti S., Ipavich F.M., Klecker B.
    The Fe/O elemental ratio in the solar wind.
    Solar Wind 9 Conference, Nantucket, USA, 5-9 October 1998

  2. Schnabel, R., Kock, M., Holweger, H.
    Selected FeII lifetimes and f-values suitable for a solar abundance study.
    A&A, in press

  3. Bloecker T., Holweger H., Freytag B., Herwig F., Ludwig H.-G., Steffen M.
    Lithium depletion in the Sun: a study of mixing based on hydrodynamical simulations.
    Space Science Reviews, 85, 105

  4. Inga Rentzsch-Holm, Hartmut Holweger, Frank Bertoldi
    Toward solving the `CO-Problem': chemistry in the disks around Vega and beta Pictoris
    ASP Conference Series 132, 275 (1998)

  5. Inga Kamp, Hartmut Holweger
    Dust and Gas around lambda Bootis Stars
    Contrib. Astron. Obs. Skalnate Pleso 27, No.3, p.408 (1998)

  6. Marc Hempel, Hartmut Holweger and Inga Kamp
    Dusty and dust-free A stars
    Contrib. Astron. Obs. Skalnate Pleso 27 No.3, p.246 (1998)

  7. Schnabel M., Kock M., Holweger H.
    Selected FeII lifetimes and f-values suitable for a solar abundance study.
    6th International Colloquium on Atomic Spectra and Oscillator Strengths, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C., Canada, August 9-13 (1998)

  8. Freytag B., Salaris M., Ludwig H.-G.
    Treatment of superadiabatic convection in low-mass metal-poor stars from realistic hydrodynamics simulations: application to globular cluster isochrones.
    Workshop on Stellar Structure: Theory and Tests of Convective Energy Transport. Granada, Spain, September 30 - October 2, 1998

  9. Kubat, J., Holmgren, D., Rentzsch-Holm, I.
    On the planetary companions of the solar-type stars
    A&A 332, 842 (1998)

Publications 1997

  1. Jacques Babel, T. Montmerle
    X-ray emission from Ap-Bp stars: a magnetically confined wind-shock model
    A&A 323, 121 (1997)

  2. Jacques Babel, P. North
    Discovery of a very large magnetic field in three Ap stars
    A&A 325, 195 (1997)

  3. Freytag B., Holweger H., Steffen M., Ludwig H.-G.
    On the scale of photospheric convection.
    In: Paresce F. (ed.) Science with the VLT Interferometer. ESO Astrophysics Symposia, Springer, p.316 (1997)

  4. Ludwig H.-G., Freytag B., Steffen M.
    A calibration of mixing-length theory based on RHD simulations of solar-type convection.
    In: Pijpers F.J., Christensen-Dalsgaard J., Rosenthal C.S. (eds.) Solar Convection and Oscillations and their Relationship. Kluwer Acadamic Publishers, p. 59 (1997)

  5. Hartmut Holweger, Marc Hempel, Thomas van Thiel, Andreas Kaufer
    The surface composition of Beta Pictoris
    A&A 320, L49 (1997)

  6. Inga Rentzsch-Holm
    Abundance anomalies in main sequence A stars. III. Nitrogen and sulphur
    A&A 317, 178 (1997)

  7. Inga Rentzsch-Holm
    Non-LTE abundance corrections of iron and carbon in A-type and related stars
    A&A 312, 966 (1997)

  8. Inga Rentzsch-Holm
    On the importance of Non-LTE abundance corrections: iron and carbon
    ASP Conference Series 108, 99 (1997)

  9. Inga Rentzsch-Holm, Hartmut Holweger, Frank Bertoldi
    CO around young stars with dust disks: Vega and beta Pictoris
    AG Abstract Series 12, 25 (1997)

Publications 1996

  1. Hartmut Holweger
    Solar Element Abundances, Non-LTE Line Formation in Cool Stars, and Atomic Data
    Physica Scripta T65, 151 (1996)

  2. Freytag B., Ludwig H.-G., Steffen M.
    Hydrodynamical models of stellar convection zones with extended overshoot regions: the role of overshoot in DA white dwarfs, A-type stars, and the Sun.
    A&A 313, 497 (1996)

  3. Bernd Freytag, Hans-Günter Ludwig, Matthias Steffen
    The role of overshoot in DA white dwarfs, A-type stars, and the Sun
    A&A 313, 497 (1996)

  4. Rentzsch-Holm I.
    Statistical equilibrium and photospheric abundance of nitrogen in the Sun and in Vega.
    A&A 305, 275 (1996)

  5. Solanki S.K., Rueedi I., Bianda M., Steffen M.
    On the detection of shocks in the solar granulation.
    A&A 308, 623 (1996)

  6. Ludwig H.-G., Freytag B., Steffen M., Wagenhuber J.
    The mixing-length parameter for solar-type convection zones inferred from hydrodynamical models of the surface layers.
    In: Noels A. et al. (eds.) Stellar Evolution: What should be done? Proc. 32nd Liege Internat. Astrophys. Coll., p. 213 (1996)

  7. Jacques Babel
    The fading of radiatively driven winds in B stars
    A&A 309, 867 (1996)

Publications 1995

  1. Jacques Babel, P. North, D. Queloz
    Discovery of a very large magnetic field in the Ap star HD 47103
    A&A 303, L5 (1995)

  2. Jacques Babel
    Multicomponent radiatively driven winds from A and B stars
    A&A 301,823 (1995)

  3. Bernd Freytag
    Dissertation: Konvektion und Pulsationen in A-Sternen und Weißen Zwergen vom Typ DA
    Februar 15, 1995 (in German only)

  4. Bernd Freytag
    Problems in modeling photospheric convective overshooting
    In: 'Model Atmospheres and Spectrum Synthesis', workshop held at Vienna, July 1995, ASP Conference Series, eds. S.J. Adelman, F. Kupka, W. W. Weiss, Volume 108, 93-98

  5. Hartmut Holweger, Inga Rentzsch-Holm
    High-resolution spectroscopy of Lambda Bootis stars and `dusty' normal A stars: circumstellar gas, rotation, and accretion
    A&A 303, 819 (1995)

  6. Hartmut Holweger, Inga Rentzsch-Holm
    Lambda Bootis Stars and `Dusty' A Stars.
    Proceedings of the ESO workshop `The Role of Dust in the Formation of Stars' held at Garching, Germany, 11-14 September 1995, Springer Verlag, eds. H.U.Kaeufl and R.Siebenmorgen (1995)

  7. Steffen M., Freytag B.
    Lyapunov exponents for solar surface convection.
    Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 5 (1995)

  8. Steffen M., Ludwig H.-G., Freytag B.
    Synthetic spectra computed from hydrodynamical model atmospheres of DA white dwarfs.
    A&A 300, 473 (1995)

  9. Holweger H., Kock M., Bard A.
    On the determination of the solar iron abundance using FeI lines. Comments on a paper by D.E.Blackwell et al. and presentation of new results for weak lines.
    A&A 296, 233 (1995)

  10. Freytag B., Steffen M.
    Numerical simulations of surface convection in solar-type stars.
    In: Strassmeier K.G. (ed.) Proc. IAU Symp. 176, Stellar Surface Structure, p. 111 (1995)

  11. Holweger H., Lemke M., Rentzsch-Holm I., Stuerenburg S.
    Abundance patterns in unevolved A stars and in blue stragglers.
    In: Busso M., Gallino R., Raiteri C.M. (eds.) Nuclei in the Cosmos III. Third Internat. Symp. on Nuclear Astrophysics. AIP Conf. Proceedings 327, p. 41 (1995)

  12. Freytag B., Steffen M., Ludwig H.-G.
    Numerical simulations of convection and overshoot in the envelope of DA white dwarfs.
    In: Koester D., Werner K. (eds.) Proc. 9th European Workshop on White Dwarfs. Lecture Notes in Physics 443, p. 88 (1995)

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