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Welcome to the OFFICIAL online home of Ballot Access News, a non-partisan newsletter reporting on the trials and tribulations of folks trying to put candidates on the ballot in the United States of America. There are many surprisingly restrictive ballot access laws in this country, which the average voter has no knowledge or conception of; part of our purpose here (besides reporting on progress made) is to report on these restrictive ballot access laws so that more people are aware of them. I hope you find these materials interesting and exciting; if you do, you can support the newsletter by subscribing!

Ballot Access News is edited and published by Richard Winger, the nation's leading expert on ballot access legal issues.

Notes: (1) Issues are posted here approximately two to three weeks after. their cover date. (2) While this site began life in October 1994, we are starting to have some older issues available -- but we make no promises of completeness, as not all old issues were saved in electronic form. (3) This site is operated on a non-profit basis, so we're not interested in your banner ads here. Donations are welcome, but are not tax deductible; any donations received (so far, none {grin}) will be split between the Publisher (Richard Winger) and the WebMaster (Bob Bickford). (4) All documents in this site are protected by both U.S. and international copyright; if you want to republish anything you must get permission first! We do encourage the media to quote from Ballot Access News, with attribution: contact us if you need further information.

NEW!! The complete results of the 1996 Presidential elections, with all of the votes for every candidate in every state. You've got to see this!
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Ballot Access News was selected as a Political Site of the Day for November 4th, 1997.

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    Collects lots of good information and links relating to various third parties into one convenient location. Nice set of writings on why one should vote third-party.

    America's Open Debates Foundation
    A national foundation committed to networking existing "free election" organizations, every legitimate national party, ballot access and election reform movements into one cooperative, unified and powerful voice to bring about fair and open debates featuring all candidates on sufficient ballots to win the election.

    Web-White-and-Blue Web-White-and-Blue
    An interesting collaboration of political information, news, and opinion sites that appears to be non-partisan enough to not only admit that third parties exist but to actually provide some information about them. Mostly focused on the current (1998) election season.

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