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Sperm approaching an egg

The 66 Club

Ruth Evans tells the extraordinary story of a group of women brought together on the internet by one man's sperm.
Condoleeza Rice in Lisbon shortly before travelling to libya for the historic talks.

US Libya talks

As Condoleezza Rice makes a historic visit to Libya, Newshour considers how the international pariah has been welcomed into the diplomatic fold.

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  • This edition looks at the Republican Party convention in St Paul, the elections in Angola and storms in Haiti.
  • Test tube tiger kittens and cloned cheetahs are just two of the ambitious aims of the Laboratory for the Conservation of Endangered Species in Hyderabad.
  • Africa will benefit from Angola only if Angola is able to show itself as an example of good governance, Angola produces more oil and natural water than any other Southern African country, we (Angola) could be a valuable economic partner for many African countries, specially those countries in the SADC region.

    Nkololozandungidi, Luanda