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2002/03 Annual Service Plan Report
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries

Summary Reports on Other Planning Processes

Information Resources Management Plan

A large number of information technology programs continued during 2002/03 to maintain ministry operations. However, the following items were specifically identified in the ministry's 2002/03 service plan because of the nature of the project. Progress during the year is noted.

Item 2002/03 Actual
Expansion of InfoBasket — background provided in previous section (Industry Competitiveness). Achieved

• Progress detailed in previous section (Industry Competitiveness).

Crop Insurance — replace an aging policy based management information system for the Crop Insurance Program with a new system that permits better management of the sales and marketing as well as claims processing and tracking process. Delayed

• The ministry delayed proceeding with development pending further program review.

• Once a new computerized system is in place, it will improve operational efficiency, reduce business risk from system failure or system errors, provide better management information, prepare us for changes to our program arising from the Agricultural Policy Framework (APF) and position crop insurance to be able to offer electronic services if desirable. Ultimately, the new system will form the baseline on which to provide crop insurance services to farmers more efficiently while reducing risk to taxpayers.

Replacement of aging Fisheries Licensing system — (Commercial Fisheries Licensing System and the Aquaculture Licensing System). The ministry will examine incorporating them into MALS (Ministry of Agriculture Licensing System), and move if feasible. In progress

• Preliminary scoping work has begun. During 2003, year the ministry will document business requirements for the fisheries systems to determine the development options available.

Maximizer Shared Database for Processors — partner with the federal government to share a client contact management database for agriculture and seafood processors. Achieved

• The federal and provincial governments now share a client contact database reducing requests for the same information from food and fish processors.


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