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2002/03 Annual Service Plan Report
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries

Photograph -- Honourable John van Dongen.I am heartened by the progress we've made — both as a government and as a ministry — as I take this opportunity to review the many accomplishments of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries.

In the agricultural sector, we have worked with industry to encourage the use of a number of control options for managing animal, fish and plant diseases and pests. We helped implement an Environmental Farm Planning Strategy and signed an Agricultural Policy Framework with the federal government that encourages the use of new public and private risk management tools.

We have taken steps to reduce the regulatory burden on the agriculture industry, in line with government's commitment to reduce unnecessary regulations by a third.

We have also taken steps to improve the aquaculture industry, including improved escape prevention standards and new waste management regulations at salmon farming operations. These improvements will allow sustainable growth in the aquaculture industry and create new jobs in coastal communities when new sites are approved.

We have also made overtures to the federal government in an attempt to have greater provincial influence over federal fisheries management policies. That's a long-term project but one that has been deemed necessary to improve the fishery and protect jobs.

There are many challenges ahead for this sector of British Columbia's economy that chalked up sales last year of $5.26 billion, of which $2.4 billion was exported to other countries. I am confident we can meet those challenges and ensure that British Columbia has a brilliant future in the business of providing healthy food on a sustainable basis.

Honourable John van Dongen
Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries


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