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2002/03 Annual Service Plan Report
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Appendix E — British Columbia Heritage Trust Performance Report, 2002/03

In its Service Plan for 2002/03 – 2004/05, the Board of the Trust noted that a significant activity for fiscal 2002/03 would be a review of the Trust's mission and activities. This review was undertaken in context with the government-wide Core Services Review and Deregulation Initiative.

As a result of the Core Services Review of all Crown corporations, the decision was made to terminate the operations of the Heritage Trust by March 31, 2003.

Termination of the Trust required three steps:
1. The review of all existing financial commitments to determine those projects that could be responsibly paid out, those that should be terminated and those that should be carried forward as liabilities of the Province.
2. The disbursement of all funds held by the Trust in the Heritage Trust Fund in a manner consistent with the objects of the Trust.
3. Amendments to the Heritage Conservation Act and other statutes to eliminate the Trust as an agent of the Crown as of April 1, 2003.

All three steps were successfully completed by March 31, 2003.

During the fiscal year, the Trust made a total of 34 project awards. These included 26 projects with a total investment of $214,425 within the regular program guidelines and voted allocation for the year. The Trust also awarded eight special grants totaling $1.2 million to disburse its remaining financial assets. Most of the investments were in the form of program support to non-profit heritage organizations, scholarships, student prizes and study grants. These will advance the primary strategic direction of the Trust — to invest in community heritage planning, capacity building and other initiatives. In addition, several of the commitments will support the Trust's second strategic priority — to contribute resources towards the implementation of the Historic Places Initiative in British Columbia.

The most significant of the eight special grants was a $500,000 start-up contribution to establish the British Columbia Heritage Legacy Fund within the Vancouver Foundation. The Province contributed a further $4.5 million to this endowment. The fund will be developed and guided by a new non-profit entity to be established by the Heritage Society of BC and the Land Conservancy of BC. The goal of the society will be to match the initial provincial endowment and create a sustainable non-government source of funds to support community heritage initiatives.

In addition to the above investment, the Trust provided grants to the Heritage Society of BC ($400,000), University of Victoria Cultural Resource Management Program ($90,000), Simon Fraser University City Program ($90,000), Underwater Archaeological Society of BC ($63,500), The Land Conservancy ($56,000), BC Historical Federation ($15,000) and Archaeological Society of BC ($15,000). These final investments of the Trust will assist the conservation of British Columbia's heritage and build capacity and sustainability within the heritage community.

From its establishment in 1978 to its termination in 2003, the Trust provided financial support to over 2,300 heritage initiatives across British Columbia with a total investment of almost $30 million. This assistance generated community contributions estimated in excess of $90 million.


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