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2002/03 Annual Service Plan Report
Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and
Women's Services

Year-at-a-Glance Highlights

April 2002

BC's public libraries benefited from $8.6 million in provincial funding for operating costs and additions to library collections.

BC's local governments received unconditional grants consisting of:

  • $23.9 million in small community protection grants, for small- and medium-sized municipalities to fund basic services for residents such as road and parks maintenance, recreation facilities and services and community planning;
  • $2.1 million in regional district grant funding;
  • $10 million in additional unconditional grants for municipalities providing police services, allocated on the basis of their policing costs.

Pilot launched for the Aboriginal FIRST program to build leadership and sports training skills in Aboriginal youth in remote communities.

Contributed $5.5 million as the second instalment toward doubling the Physical Fitness and Amateur Sport Fund. The increase from $22 million to $44 million will be completed in April 2004. This will ensure that more money is protected for sport in each budget.

Provided $5 million as the second instalment toward the commitment of $20 million to create the Olympic Arts Fund.

Increased the First Citizens Fund by $9 million. The fund has now been built up to $54 million. Interest from the fund supports Aboriginal friendship centers, student bursaries, and economic development programs.

Increased funding to promote Aboriginal languages, up to $1 million per year.

Committed to developing 3,500 new housing units for the frail elderly in partnership with Health Authorities under the Independent Living BC program.


Community Access Terminals installed in all 58 Government Agent offices.

Community Charter draft legislation and discussion paper released.


Announced funding for 79 green infrastructure projects under the Canada-BC Infrastructure Program in conjunction with the Ministry of Competition, Science and Enterprise. The projects are worth $204 million. This brought the total number of projects in which federal-provincial infrastructure money was provided for water and sewer projects to 94. These projects meet critical needs such as drinking water quality. The total value of these projects was $239 million.

Aboriginal Employment Partnership Initiative was announced in Nanaimo on National Aboriginal Day. The Aboriginal Employment Partnership Initiative partners with employers to identify employment and economic opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Vancouver Agreement partners provided $4.5 million for initiatives to revitalize the Downtown Eastside business environment.


The International Olympic Committee included Vancouver on its short list of candidate cities to host the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien officially opened the Chinatown Millennium Gate in Vancouver. The project was funded by the Vancouver Agreement partners and the Chinatown community.


Inaugural First Citizens' Forum was held on October 11.

Facilities and equipment grants totaling $400,000 was distributed to three child care centres in North Vancouver, helping to create almost 300 spaces.


Launched the new Child Care Operating Grant, the new system of funding child care centres.

An independent consultant's report concluded that hosting the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will mean major economic benefits for BC.


Funding of $150 million for the Greater Vancouver Regional District Seymour filtration plant was announced through the Canada-BC Infrastructure Program.

Introduced the student component of the Provincial Nominee Program to encourage foreign students to stay in British Columbia to help address critical skills shortages.

January 2003

The ministry provided $800,000 to Aboriginal health programs in the Downtown Eastside under the Vancouver Agreement.

The Aboriginal Business Advisory Office opened in Cranbrook.

The Woodward's building was sold to the City of Vancouver for $5.5 million, with a commitment by the Province to create 100 low-cost housing units.

Delivered the Olympic Bid Book to the International Olympic Committee and contributed $380,000 to Celebration 2010 — to support arts and culture through the Olympic Bid.


The ministry announced the re-investment of $10 million in the child care parent subsidy. This benefits 9,000 children in low-income families by helping with child care costs.

Introduced the Museum Act, enabling the Royal British Columbia Museum to create a new independent structure that will allow it to operate more efficiently and improve services.


Introduced Community Charter legislation.

Introduced the Safety Standards Act and the Safety Authority Act.

The Federal/Provincial Early Learning and Child Care Agreement was completed; British Columbia will get $121 million over five years.

Launched the new Child Care Capital Fund providing $2.5 million to assist with capital costs of repairing or building new child care spaces.

Created a $5 million Heritage Legacy Fund endowment to strengthen heritage conservation and empower communities to take leadership roles in heritage.


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