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2002/03 Annual Service Plan Report
Ministry of Community, Aboriginal
and Women's Services

Photograph -- Honourable George Abbott.It is my pleasure to present the second annual service plan report for the Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services. This report lists the performance of the ministry's eight program areas — the widest range of any provincial ministry. To best meet the diverse responsibilities, we work in partnership with communities and other levels of government, to strengthen and improve the day-to-day lives of British Columbians.

Building on the foundation of a ministry formed less than two years ago, we are combining the traditional roles of government with our New Era commitments for economic growth, renewal and innovation. The Ministry of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Service is on schedule with the New Era commitments, in addition to other ministry achievements.

From local government initiatives to Aboriginal services to the Olympic Bid, to name just a few, there is a great range of our ministry's accomplishments. The Local Government Department is working on implementation of the Community Charter, while continuing to provide the legislative framework and advice to local governments across BC. We are ahead of the target for approved projects under the Canada/BC Infrastructure Program to provide safe drinking water and appropriate wastewater treatment at the community level.

Through the Aboriginal Directorate, efforts to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal people in British Columbia are continuing. Programs such as the Aboriginal Youth FIRST, Aboriginal BEST and the Aboriginal Employment Partnership Initiative, focus on employment and business skills. These programs are possible as we are building partnerships with other levels of government and the private sector.

The outcome of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games bid will be known on July 2, 2003. Over the past year, our ministry supported the 2010 Olympic Bid Secretariat, and worked with partners on local initiatives through the Vancouver Agreement. Through this latter agreement, Aboriginal health and well-being, economic development and revitalization programs were established.

Over the past year, funding for housing programs was increased to the largest provincial contribution ever. Given this increase, we still need to work in partnerships to create the most appropriate housing options for our most vulnerable citizens. Recently, we introduced Independent Living BC — a multi-partnership housing-for-health program between BC Housing, the Ministry of Health Services, other levels of government, and the private and non-profit sectors.

Our ministry's vision is safe, secure and healthy communities. To accomplish this, we remain committed to the strategic shifts introduced in the ministry's first year. This is possible due to a successful change in corporate culture and the hard work of ministry staff. While we are meeting the goals and objectives of the three-year service plan, we also know that there is room for improvement. Through partnerships, cooperation and diligence, we are well positioned to stay the course, and to continue to enable communities in reaching their potential, benefiting all British Columbians.

Honourable George Abbott
Minister of Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services


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