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2002/03 Annual Service Plan Report
Ministry of Children and Family Development
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Performance Reporting

Goals and Core Business Areas, Objectives, Strategies and Performance Measures

This section reports progress on performance targets set out in the ministry's 2002/03 – 2004/05 Service Plan, each of which contributes to the ministry's vision of a province of healthy children and responsible families living in safe, caring and inclusive communities. That document, which lists strategies for which highlights are reported on in this section, can be viewed online (

In the performance tables, the measures are accompanied by a check (), an "X" () or a notation. These indicate whether the ministry's performance on the measure in question met or exceeded expectations () or was below expectations (). In cases where no target was set or the measure is not reported on, a notation to that effect is included. Please see Appendix 2 for details regarding the performance measures discussed in this section. As well, please see the Measuring Success report (available through the ministry's web site) for more information on societal indicators that are tracked by the ministry.

Performance measures are evolving as the ministry's needs and resources change. As such, they will continue to be refined over time, to optimally reflect the ministry's and government's priorities and to take advantage of all new performance information as it becomes available. Therefore, not all measures contained in this report are included in the 2003/04 – 2005/06 Service Plan. This is also consistent with the public reporting principle of fewer and more focused measures. Please see Appendix 2 for a full list of measures that do not appear in the 2003/04 – 2005/06 Service Plan.

Goal 1: To promote an environment where adults with developmental disabilities can participate in and contribute to their communities and live a full and valued life.

Link to Goal 1. Link to Goal 1.


Goal 2: To promote an environment that supports the health and safety of our highest risk youth.

Link to Goal 2. Link to Goal 2.


Goal 3: To improve family capacity and improve readiness to learn for children under six, including children with special needs.

Link to Goal 3. Link to Goal 3.


Goal 4: To promote an environment where the most vulnerable children and youth are protected and supported by families and communities.

Link to Goal 4. Link to Goal 4.


Goal 5: To plan and deliver services in the most efficient and effective manner.

Link to Goal 5. Link to Goal 5.



The ministry is carrying out government's direction to deregulate in areas that would cut "red tape" for clients. In 2002/03, the ministry reduced its number of regulatory requirements to 12,453, a reduction of 4,510 regulations from June 2001, when the ministry had 16,963 regulatory requirements. Factors enabling the reduction included internal reviews that found a significant number of regulations that had become redundant.

In reducing the number of regulations, the ministry has been and will continue to monitor all reductions to ensure that services to families and children are not negatively affected by any change. Less regulatory "red tape" will further the ministry's Service Plan goal to plan and deliver services in the most efficient and effective manner, and contribute to the province's economic competitiveness and prosperity. Another positive outcome is enabling child welfare professionals to focus more on direct client service rather than excessive paperwork.

The performance measure regarding the ministry's deregulation results is located in the Performance Reporting section of this report following Objective 5.2.


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