Ministry 2002/03 Annual Service Plan Report -- Government of British Columbia.
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2002/03 Annual Service Plan Report
Ministry of Children and Family Development
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Summary Reports on Other Planning Processes

Human Resources Management Plan — Progress on Goals in 2002/03

  • Organizational development: a regional workplan identifying all human resources issues for planning is almost complete; and regional planning sessions between MCFD's Strategic Human Resources and respective regional representatives are underway.
  • Workforce adjustment: achieved full-time equivalent position targets for 2002/03 and identified surplus positions. Two programs for early retirement and voluntary departure resulted in approval of 284 departures to reduce the need for future layoffs. Also, achieved workforce adjustment goals in compliance of applicable collective agreements, and an excluded employee workforce adjustment process was also in progress.
  • Community governance: developed regional human resources workplans and planning sessions for smooth transitions. Conducted labour negotiations on staff transfers to the community living authority with an agreement in principle reached, and continued negotiations with the BC Government and Service Employees' Union on staff transfers to future regional authorities.
  • Employee learning: worked on a transition support plan for a renewed ministry mission and mandate.
  • Public service renewal: developed programs and fully supported the central government initiative. A mentorship service, including recently retired staff, was introduced.
  • Consolidated human resource service delivery system: completed preparations to transfer resources to the new Public Service Agency, and planned for retaining a small human resource presence for provincial services and ministry operations, with regions maintaining this capacity also.

Information Resource Management Plan — Progress on Goals in 2002/03

  • New public opportunities for involvement in the transition to community governance via the ministry's Change web site were provided. Documents were posted and the ministry invited public comment by phone or e-mail. Also, planning steering committees recorded progress and information on that web site; and the child and family development steering committee piloted a collaborative web forum.
  • New technology tools were created and implemented to increase efficiencies, such as a non-residential contracts resource system and a case audit tool.
  • An Executive Reporting Tool was developed and implemented to track projects to help meeting goals and objectives set out in the ministry's service plan.
  • A family and child statistics (FACS) web site was developed for launch early in 2003/04, to provide aggregated, de-personalized caseload data useful for community services planning.
  • The MCFD Media Site, developed as an MCFD Communications Branch/Public Affairs Bureau pilot web site project, was continually enhanced and updated to provide the public news and key facts.
  • Expansion of publicly accessible online transactions continued, i.e., adoptions registration forms.


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