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2002/03 Annual Service Plan Report
Ministry of Forests

Photograph -- Honourable Michael de Jong.I am pleased to present this annual report, which captures the progress made by the Ministry of Forests in the second year of its five-year service plan — progress towards creating a climate in which B.C.'s forest sector can revitalize itself.

Naturally, creating a climate that fosters innovation and reinvestment is a long-term endeavour but a start has been made. In November 2002, I introduced the new Forest and Range Practices Act, which places its focus on results, not paperwork. The new Act will embrace the world-leading sustainable forestry practices that the province has become renowned for.

In March 2003, I introduced the Forestry Revitalization Plan. Through re-allocating tenure, government is opening up new opportunities for communities, First Nations, value-added and other innovative operators to enter the forest sector. Connected closely is the work done to update a regulatory regime that helped build B.C.'s forest sector, but which no longer works in a world that has changed, where being globally competitive is the only way to create certainty and opportunities for heartlands communities. We are sure of our ability to succeed in this changing world market, and have invested in a comprehensive plan to secure traditional and new markets.

As stewards of the public forests we will continue to work together with the people of British Columbia to ensure not only that we have forests for future generations, but, also, that the benefits of this resource accrue to all citizens.

Honourable Michael de Jong


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