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Kelly Mann, President & CEO

Dena Coward, Event Management Consultant

BC Summer Games, BC Seniors Games, Team BC

Lister Farrar, Event Management Consultant

Northern BC Winter Games, Corporate Partner Acquisition
Theresa Hales, Team BC Operations Consultant

Byron Postle, Event Management Consultant

BC Winter Games, BC Seniors Games, Liaison to BC Seniors Games Society
Glenda Rae, Executive Assistant
Irene Schell, Event Management Consultant

BC Summer Games, Northern BC Winter Games, Liaison to Northern BC Winter Games Society
Joe Stephenson, Event Management Consultant

BC Winter Games, BC Games for Athletes with a Disability, Liaison to BC Sport and Fitness Council for the Disabled
Laura Wilson, Administrative Assistant
Debi Wight, Administrative Assistant


President & CEO

The President & CEO has the overall responsibility for the staging of BC Summer and BC Winter Games.  Working with the Host Community, the Provincial Government and private industry he manages all aspects of administrative and financial operations of the B.C. Games.  In addition the President & CEO manages agreements with the Partner Games and other sport partners.

Administrative Team

The Administrative Team supports the consultants in their work with the Host Communities.  They also assist with the registration and transportation process for the BC Summer and Winter Games.

Event Management Consultants

The Event Management Consultants assist host community volunteers in the planning, operation and staging  of the BC Summer Games, BC Winter Games and the Partner Games: Northern BC Winter Games, BC Seniors Games and the BC Games for Athletes with a Disability.  Event Management Consultants also co-ordinate transportation and registration for the BC Summer and Winter Games and represent the society on various multi-sport committees and agencies.

Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant provides support to the President & CEO and the BC Games Society Board of Directors and also oversees the work of the Administrative Team.  The Executive Assistant is also responsible for financial administration and the management of the personnel and payroll records.

Team BC Operations Consultant

The Team BC Operations Consultant works with the Team BC program to coordinate operations and logistics including; organization and administration, uniforms, transportation, special events, marketing, meetings and volunteer training. Team BC is comprised of top provincial athletes and coaches selected to represent British Columbia at national multi-sport events.


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