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Pride of Place Minister's Conference  

The Provincial Capital Commission hosted a conference titled "Pride of Place, Your Capital - The Minister's Conference on the Capital City". The conference was held Saturday October 24th 1998 with registration and welcoming comments the evening of Friday October 23rd. All events took place in the recently restored St. Ann's Academy (835 Humboldt St., Victoria) with the plenary sessions taking place in the chapel.

The purpose of the conference was to identify enhancements to the capital, which would help ensure that all British Columbians feel connected to their provincial capital, and have an inherent pride in its beauty and significance as the seat of government of the province. The goals to be achieved through the conference included:  Top of page

  • To strengthen awareness of the significance of the provincial capital and the nature and character of the seat of government of the province of British Columbia.
  • To ensure that British Columbians feel connected to their provincial capital and have an inherent pride in a beautiful capital city with a special character.
  • To identify appropriate roles for the PCC as it pursues its mandate in support of the Capital.
Minister Andrew Petter presented the conference keynote, "Canada, British Columbia, Victoria - my country, my province, my capital". The program also included presentations by Councillor Chris Coleman of the City of Victoria with the national perspective being presented by Marcel Beaudry, Chair of the National Capital Commission.  Top of page

The program also provided three separate opportunities for delegates to discuss their views on methods of enhancing British Columbia's capital.

Participation was by invitation only and approximately 80 delegates were in attendance. The results of this important workshop, as summarized by Janet Leduc of Kinexus Consulting Associates, can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate icon.

As a follow-up to the conference the Provincial capital Commission appointed an implementation committee to review the conference summary and develop task lists (action plans) for the various interests. Clicking on the links for each of the agency action plans will access those task lists.  Top of page

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