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Fan Opinion Polls

You can vote in the current poll on the front page. If you have an idea for a future poll let us know at

Poll DatePoll
July 25th, 2007Current Poll - Vote on Front Page!   Do you think That's the Way (My Love Is) is a good choice for the next single?
July 18th, 2007Favorite SP Album?
July 15th, 2007What are your favorite Zeitgeist tracks?
July 14th, 2007What is Your Favorite Recent SP Related Video?
June 23rd, 2007Which Zeitgeist song do you prefer?
May 30th, 2007What do you think of Tarantula?
April 6th, 2007Are you disappointed that James Iha will not be recording or touring with SP?
April 21st, 2006What will the new Pumpkins album sound like?
February 1st, 2006Do you believe the Smashing Pumpkins are going to reunite?
October 28th, 2005Would you like Siva to offer RSS for news stories?
August 19th, 2005What do you think of the Walking Shade Video?
July 13th, 2005Do you think James and D'arcy will rejoin SP?
June 21st, 2005What do you think of Billy's comment about the reunion of the Pumpkins?
May 1st, 2005Do you like TheFutureEmbrace Cover?
April 24th, 2005Are you excited about Billy's upcoming solo album?
October 25th, 2002Who is your favorite Zwan Member?
July 5th, 2002 Rumour is that Jimmy and Billy will be recording next year together, do you believe it?
January 25th, 2002Are you excited about Zwan?
August 25th, 2001What's your favorite Smashing Pumpkins tribute album?
April 1st, 2001 What is the Best Smashing Pumpkins Album?
April 1st, 2001 What do you think Billy's new album will be like?
March 1st, 2001Which member do you miss the most so far?
January 1st, 2001What is James' best look?
September 1st, 2000Do you like Friends and Enemies of Modern Music?
August 5th, 2000What do you think of the Machina theories?
July 2nd, 2000Do you think James or Billy will eventually start a new band after Smashing Pumpkins break up?
June 1st, 2000What did you do when Billy said the band was going to break up?
May 1st, 2000 What is your favorite recent non-album song?
February 1st, 2000Do you think D'arcy will ever rejoin the Smashing Pumpkins?
January 1st, 2000Do you like the Everlasting Gaze Video?
December 2nd, 1999What do you think of Machina (based on mp3s leaked before release)?
November 1st, 1999Do you think the Smashing Pumpkins will break up after Machina?
October 1st, 1999Do you like the new song, the Everlasting Gaze?
September 1st, 1999Is Melissa Auf Der Maur a good choice for Smashing Pumpkins bassist?
August 1st, 1999Do you think if D'arcy left the band, the band would survive?
July 12th, 1999Who is your favorite guitarist?
July 7th, 1999Who's Your Favorite Band Member?
July 1st, 1999What do you think of the Arising Tour songs?
May 24th, 1999The fans' favorite Smashing Pumpkins albums

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