1990 - 1994

"Be repetitious for nuisance's sake"

Billy Corgan

Occational Members
Bob English
Jimmy C.
James Iha
Kerry Brown
Mark Rew
Neil Jendon
Cliff Fox
Mary Magdaline

Band Information
The StarChildren is a band that Billy Corgan used to release songs that didn't fit into the Smashing Pumpkins style. Using this band name Billy and others performed live 3 times. One was actually bootlegged, 6/18/94. Isolation was released on A Means to an End. Delsolutions of Candor was released on a 7" with some Catherine material. The band hasn't played together since 1994.

Song Information

  • The Boy was later used on the Smashing Pumpkins' single 1979.
  • Delusions of Candor was released on a 7" in 2 colors white and black. Bob English played bass on this song.
  • Isolation was released onto A Means to an End, it was said Billy was experimenting with Flood's equitment to make this song.
  • Just Between, was later renamed Here Is No Why and released on Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.
  • Where's Vince is said to be on The Mashed Potatoes Box Set which Billy gave away as a present to a few friends.

"Songs About Girls / Delusions of Candor 7 inch"


Songs about Girls / Delusions of Candor 7"
A Means to an End - Joy Division Tribute Album

Barley Synth
The Boy
Cars [Gary Neuman]
Desolutions of Candor (Flight of the Eagle)
Isolation [Joy Division]
End Synth
Feel the Funny
Germans in Lethar Pants
Give Peace a Chance [Lennon]
Junkie See
Just Between (Early version of Here Is No Why)
New Waver
A Night Like This [Cure]
Santa Claus is Coming to Town [Trad.]
War Jam
Where's Vince

Most of the above songs were from this concert Double Door in Chicago, IL on June 18, 1994.


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