Welcome to the tabs and chords section of Siva. This part of the site is completely made by fans like you! So if you think you have a good version of a Smashing Pumpkins song that you play, tab it! We take any tabs for any instrument! Piano, Bass and Guitar Tabs, Drum tabs, Cello tabs, chords of songs, etc. So if you have something that's a different version even send it to us, you'll get credit as you can see on every tab :)

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  1. Age of Innocense
  2. Ava Adore
  3. Blue Skies Bring Tears
  4. Boy, The
  5. Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  6. Cherub Rock
  7. Clones (We're All)
  8. Crestfallen
  9. Daphne Descends
  10. Eye
  11. Here's to the Atom Bomb
  12. I Am One
  13. I of the Mourning
  14. Muzzle
  15. Once Upon A time
  16. Perfect
  17. Pug
  18. Raindrops and Sunshowers
  19. Shame
  20. Soma
  21. Tear
  22. Today
  23. Try, Try, Try
  24. With Every Light
  25. X.Y.U.
  26. Zero

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