Piers Faccini

Piers lives near a small village in the Cévennes with his family, and it seemed like a natural choice for us to do this take away show, it is also where he writes songs and paints.

So we went to meet him there for 24 hours with Alexandre, and we spent the softest time there. It would be easy to turn this article into a Gault & Millaut one, as Piers and his wife cook so well, and as they say, they know how to live... But Piers is one of the most gifted songwriter these days, and an amazing and moving performer, so I’ll stick to the music and the films we made.

This take-away show was made in the most simple way, we didn’t plan anything, we just walked the mountain, sometimes we put our equipment down when we liked the scenery or the light... Sometimes we would sit and speak about Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, the lightning of the place, and all the things we end up not missing when we move to these kind of places.

CAE - Piers Faccini - EACH WAVE + IF I

This afternoon, Piers played Each wave that breaks which is the first song from the album Tearing Sky, it’s one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. It speaks about us, here, now , with lightness and simplicity.

_ Somewhere else

A river runs

Somewhere else

The rains have gone

Oh I leap

I tumble and fall

I won’t keep

I’d lose it all

And the ocean knows

Each wave that breaks

Is coming home

The next day, we really felt like carrying on so we drove to a little Romanesque church with Piers.

Then we climbed a little higher, and Piers played the amazing African influenced If I.

CAE - Piers Faccini - GRINNING + DEAT DON’T...

The next day, we really felt like carrying on so we drove to a little Romanesque church where Piers would like to organize some shows from time to time and invite some of his friends to play. The acoustic of the chapel was soft and dreamy, Piers played two traditional songs, the first a Gospel tune that he usually sings at the very beginning of his shows «to catch the audience’s attention, especially in the States...» and the other from Reverend Gary Davis Death don’t have no mercy.

Piers is touring the States opening for Ben Harper, who put him first in his playlist recently in an interview in Rolling Stones.


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Piers Faccini

the grinning in ur face link for ipod does not seem to be working... help guys :) and thx again and again

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Smalltown Shining et Where Angels Fly — C’est au travail des producteurs que nous nous intéresserons ici. Les artistes sont, eux, très semblables. John Matthias et Piers Faccini ont tous deux un sens très poussé de l’économie d’émotions, une voix toute en retenue qui se refuse à en faire trop, qui fait du chant un don aussi (...) Lire la suite

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