"Claude Allen" and "Sydney Allen"

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Deathly Lyrics:
Songs of Virginia Tragedies


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"Claude Allen"
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Claude Allen and his father,
Have met their fatal doom at last,
Their friends are glad their trouble's ended,
And hope their souls is now at rest.

Claude Allen was that tall and handsome,
He still had hope until the end,
That he in some way or other,
Escape his death from the Richmond Pen.

The Governor being so hard-hearted,
Not caring what his friends might say,
He finally took his sweet life from him,
In the cold, cold ground his body lay.

Claude Allen had a pretty sweetheart,
She moans aloud for the one she loved,
She hopes to meet beyond the river,
That fair young face in heaven above.

Claude's mother's tears were gently flowing,
All for the one she loved so dear,
It seemed no one could tell her troubles,
It seemed no one could tell but her.

How sad, how sad to think of killing,
A man all in his youthful years,
And leave his old mother weeping,
And all his friends in bitter tears.

Look up on yonder lonely mountain,
Claude Allen sleeps beneath the clay.
No more you'll hear his words of mercy,
Or see his face till Judgement Day.

Come all young boys, you may take warning,
Be careful how you go astray,
Or you might be like poor Claude Allen,
and have his awful debt to pay.

"Sidney Allen"
audio clip

Come all you rounders, if you want to hear,
A story about a brave mountaineer,
Sidney Allen was the villain's name,
And he shot up the courthouse while he run his game.

The judge called the jury 'bout half past nine,
Sidney Allen was the prisoner, and he was on time,
He mounted to the bar with a pistol in his hand,
And he sent that Judge to the promised land.

Just a moment later the place was in a roar,
The dead and the dying were lying on the floor,
With a .38 special and a 38 ball,
Sidney backed the sheriff up against the wall.

The sheriff saw that he was in a mighty bad place,
The mountaineer was staring him right in the face,
Sidney turned to the window, and then he said,
"Just a moment more and we'll all be dead."

Sidney mounted to his pony and away he did ride,
His friends and his nephews they were riding by his side,
They all shook hands and swore they would hang,
Before they'd give in to the ball and chain.

Sidney Allen wandered and he traveled all around,
Until he was captured in a western town,
He was taken to the station with a ball and chain,
So they put poor Sydney on that eastbound train.

Sydney arrived back home at eleven forty-one,
Sidney met his wife and daughter and his two little sons,
They all shook hands and begin in to pray,
and said, "Lord, don't take our papa away."

But the people they all gathered from far and near,
Just to see poor Sydney sentenced to the electric chair,
And to their surprise, the judge he said,
"He's going to the penitentiary instead."


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