The contest venue

From the love for flatland, a need for a proper BMX event in the Netherlands and good examples such as the legendary Level Vibes contest in the UK and Flat Time King in France came the idea to start organizing our own flatland BMX event. Throughout the years, Flatground has grown from a small gathering of a handful of riders in a gym in Amsterdam West to the two day international BMX event it was last year, turning the NDSM terrain into a complete flatland BMX mecca. The feature that has set Flatground apart from some other European flatland BMX events is that it gives the younger generation of flatland riders the opportunity to show their skills and compete on the highest platform against other expert competitors from various countries.

The podium after the contest in 2005.

Last year, a vast array of the worlds best flatland BMX riders battled each other head to head for a big bag of prize money and of course the honor of being crowned winner of Flatground 2006. Renowned acts such as American hiphop artist Talib Kweli and Dutch beat wizards C-Mon and Kypski topped off a flatland BMX festival that has made an incredible impact on the flatland BMX world.