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Basic rate of interest

Bild der Bundesbank mit Aktuell-SchriftzugWith effect from 1 January 2010, the basic rate of interest pursuant to section 247 of the German Civil Code (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch) will be 0.12%. Current and previous interest rates can be found here.

Economic projection 2010-2011

Picture: BundesbankThe outlook for the German economy has brightened perceptibly in recent months. This was stated in the Bundesbank’s half-yearly macroeconomic projection for Germany, which was published on 4 December 2009. More...

Financial Stability Review 2009

Picture: BundesbankThe situation in the financial markets has stabilised significantly since early 2009. However, additional considerable strains are on the horizon. This is the assessment reached by the Bundesbank in its 2009 Financial Stability Review. More...

Current statistics

Interest rate chartThe latest statistical findings are published under topic areas as well as in the time series database in the Statistics section. Please use our e-mail service to obtain up-to-date information on economic indicators.

SEPA Direct Debit Scheme launched

Logo Sepa-LastschriftenThe SEPA direct debit is a new payment instrument that is to replace the current national collection procedures for direct debits in the medium term. More

Free DM-euro exchange

20 DMYou can exchange your old DM banknotes and coins at all Bundesbank branches free of charge. Further information can be found under Cash management.

2008 national financial accounts

Image Actual newsThe economic and financial crisis has left its mark on the funding pattern and balance sheets of non-banks. Households’ wealth and their saving and investment behaviour were also affected. Further information

TCBC - International courses 2010

Picture: SeminareThe Centre for Technical Central Bank Cooperation will be offering a range of international central banking courses in 2010 as well. For applying please use the new online application system. An overview of these courses is available here.