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Adobe Portable Document Format PDF (Portable Document Format) is a special data format for the electronic exchange of data. The advantage to this format is that the original document can be opened and displayed on the screen exactly as it was created, regardless of the operating system (Windows, Mac, Unix etc). However, your computer needs to have a PDF reader installed on it.

The software is available from Adobe®, for example. This software is offered free of charge on the internet. You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader directly from the Adobe® website by clicking on the link below.

Get Acrobat Reader

You will bear any charges incurred for connecting with Adobe®. We also advise that before downloading the Acrobat® Reader you must enter into a contract with Adobe® under their terms of business. The Deutsche Bundesbank has not checked the quality of Adobe® and, in providing this link, takes no responsibility for the quality of the Adobe Acrobat® Reader. The Bundesbank also excludes all liability for the products and actions of Adobe®.

RealVideo® | WindowMedia®

To play videos you will need Real Player 8 or Windows Media Player installed with WM 8 Codec. The up-to-date versions can be downloaded from the manufacturers' websites; click on the respective icons.

Real Player Download     Windows Media Player Download

Frequently occurring problems and questions for playing videos:
  When trying to play a video, an infinite sequence of characters appear on the screen.
  This often means that your operating system does not have the appropriate software to run WindowsMedia® or RealVideo® files or that a file allocation error may have occurred. If this is the case, contact your system administrator.
  You can hear the sound but have no picture.
  This problem frequently occurs when run on company networks because the latest versions of codecs (to reproduce the picture and sound) are often not installed. If the operating system on your PC is Windows NT or Windows 2000 you will not have the user rights necessary to install a new codec. The auto installation function will not work here either because you do not have the proper authorisation. If this is the case, contact your system administrator.


To access the Deutsche Bundesbank's website we recommend Netscape Navigator (or Mozilla) 6.x or higher or Internet Explorer 5.x or higher.

Information regarding the current version of your browser can be obtained for Netscape Navigator by clicking on the menu "-> Help -> About Communicator" and for Internet Explorer by clicking on "-> Help -> About Internet Explorer".

The current version of the free browser can be obtained from the Netscape website (, Mozilla website ( or Microsoft website ( Nearly all standard computer magazines come with CDs containing the latest browser versions. This is an alternative should you not wish to spend too much time downloading the software.