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"What's All The Buzzzz About?"

Welcome To
Burlee Networks
A Premier Web Hosting Company

"Burlee Networks is known for being business
  and family friendly. If  you're looking for the
  right Web Host company, you've found it."


              - William Maris,
                      President & CEO, Burlee Networks 
We Back It Up!
30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
"We Stand Behind our Services!
If you are not completely satisfied in the first 30 days, let us know, and we will make it right or we'll give you your money back."
- William Maris, President & CEO,
  Burlee Networks
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We're a proud member of Verihost
Burlee Networks is a founding member of VeriHost, the first Independent Web Hosting Certification Company.
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"Thank you ...
for getting me in  place so QUICKLY!

...I am very impressed with how
smoothly things
are going."
SH (A recent Burlee Customer)

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We Make It Simple

We feature our Unlimited Space & Unlimited  Traffic hosting plan with 10 POP3 email accounts (25 when you sign up for a year), Full FrontPage Extensions, Unlimited E-mail Forwarding, CGI-Bin directory, Unlimited Autoresponders, and more.

rbullet00.gif (109 bytes) UNLIMITED Disk Space
rbullet00.gif (109 bytes) UNLIMITED Data Transfer
rbullet00.gif (109 bytes) 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
rbullet00.gif (109 bytes) 10/25 POP3/Web Based Accounts
rbullet00.gif (109 bytes) Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding
rbullet00.gif (109 bytes) Unlimited Autoresponders
rbullet00.gif (109 bytes) Full WebTrends Web Statistics
rbullet00.gif (109 bytes) Personal CGI-Local Directory
rbullet00.gif (109 bytes) SSL Available
rbullet00.gif (109 bytes) www.yourdomain.com
rbullet00.gif (109 bytes) Reseller Discounts
rbullet00.gif (109 bytes) Direct To The Internet Backbone
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All of our plans include a 30 Day Money
Back Guarantee, whether you choose
our Unlimited Plan, Standard Plan,
Database Plan, or E-commerce plan.

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 Our customers are great!
See what they say about us!

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for living up to your promises!

SH (A recent Burlee Customer)

We're Family Friendly!
No Adult Sites Hosted

We Have Huge Reseller Discounts!
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  We're an Officially Registered Microsoft FrontPage Web Presence Provider
We're an Officially Registered Microsoft FrontPage Web Presence Provider
Hosting Sites Created With
Microsoft FrontPage


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"Why did we choose Burlee? Many reasons, but one in
particular stands out. They do what they promise."
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