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Invited Athlete Policy

Despite a limited budget, we assist leading runners with travel and accommodation expenses and then reward the faster finishers with a mixture of trips, prize, bonus and incentive money.

In 1999 we introduced an all expenses paid trip to the Chicago Marathon as our major prize for the first Australian or NZ male and female. We promoted the event along the lines of winning Canberra, then getting into a race with some of the fastest athletes in the world in Chicago and qualifying for the Olympic Games. That's exactly what Ray Boyd did in 1999 with his 2.18.01 win in Canberra followed by a 2.13.26 PB in Chicago.

We continue with those major prizes in 2002, providing two more athletes with remarkable opportunities to make significant breakthroughs to the international stage.

One 2002 prize money structure consists of three parts- unconditional prize money, bonus money for breaking our race records and incentive money for fast times. A copy of the prize, bonus and incentive money schedule for 2002 can be found under prize structure on this web page.Travel and a
ccommodation assistance policy can also be found on this web page. If you have run under 2:25 (men) and 2:55 (women) we can help you get to Canberra.

We have also formalised an entry fee, pasta party and merchandise policy so that we treat everyone fairly. With respect to entry fees, previous Canberra Marathon male and female winners receive free lifetime entry; everyone else pays the normal fee (which simply covers the on-course services, etc. that you receive). With regard to the pasta party, there is no athletes' free list but we would love to see you there (although, being the night before the big race, we appreciate you might want to do your own thing). And in respect of race merchandise, a free T-shirt will be provided to all invited runners in their race packs. This information is included in the event information page.

Prize Structure



All expenses paid trip to the Chicago Marathon on October 2002, including airfares, accommodation at race hotel, race entry, tickets to pre and post race parties and $500 spending money, courtesy of New Balance.


Awarded to first five finishers regardless of times

Men Women
First $1500 First $1500
Second $1000 Second $1000
Third $500 Third $500
Fourth $300 Fourth $300
Fifth $200 Fifth $200

(Maximum payout: Indeterminate)

Paid in addition to the above prizemoney; awarded to all Australian/NZ finishers who break these times; money not cumulative

Men Women
Sub 2:07 $10000 Sub 2:22 $10000
Sub 2:08 8000 Sub 2:24 8000
Sub 2:09 6500 Sub 2:26 6500
Sub 2:10 5000 Sub 2:28 5000
Sub 2:11 4000 Sub 2:30 4000
Sub 2:12 3000 Sub 2:32 3000
Sub 2:13 2500 Sub 2:34 2500
Sub 2:14 2000 Sub 2:36 2000
Sub 2:15 1500 Sub 2:38 1500
Sub 2:16 1000 Sub 2:40 1000
Sub 2:17 800 Sub 2:42 800
Sub 2:18 600 Sub 2:44 600
Sub 2:19 400 Sub 2:46 400
Sub 2:20 200 Sub 2:48 200

BONUS MONEY FOR RACE RECORDS (Maximum payout: $8500)

Awarded to the first finisher to break any of the existing race records; paid in addition to the above prize and incentive money

Men Women
Open $1000 Open $1000
Resident $250 Resident $250
Debut $250 Debut $250
M40 to M75 incl $250 W35 to W60 incl $250
Wheelchair $250 Wheelchair $250
50k Ultra $250 50k Ultra $250
5k $250 5k $250
10k $250 10k $250

Full details of race records

Policy for Assistance

The following guidelines are an indication of the assistance that is available to leading marathoners to travel to Canberra for the 2002 New Balance Canberra Marathon. Times will be based, in the first instance, on 2001 times. If the forms good, assistance may also be available to those who have met the times in earlier, but recent, years.

In addition there is flexibility to assist debut runners, or those who haven't broken 2:25/2:55 if form over shorter distances indicates they could run sub 2:25/2:55.

There is also some flexibility to provide greater assistance to those who travel from the more distant States.

Male sub 2:20/Female sub 2:48
100% travel ($100 petrol money NSW/airfare other States) & two nights accommodation

Male sub 2:23/Female sub 2:52
$100 travel money & one night's accommodation (twin-share basis)

Male sub 2:25/Female sub 2:55
$100 travel money

Please contact me by email at, or phone me on 02 43427611, as soon as possible if you intend running in Canberra so that I can discuss arrangements with you.

All the best and good running in 2002, regardless of where you choose to race.

Dave Cundy

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