Canadian Special Operations Forces Command

We Will Find a Way

In today’s security environment conventional military responses do not always possess the complete array of capabilities needed to meet the threats the Canadian Forces (CF) will continue to face. Additional elements that emphasize a high level of responsiveness, agility, adaptability and non-conventional skill sets are also required to help combat these new threats and the asymmetric tactics they employ.

Proudly integrated into the overall fabric of the Canadian Forces, the creation of a distinct Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM), in 2006, was our launch point to the establishment of what is quickly growing into a robust, coherent strategic tool. Regrouping existing capabilities, enhancing others and creating yet more, CANSOFCOM has quickly developed into a significant actor within the Canadian security and military architecture.

Our Command motto, Viam Inveniemus (We will find a way) speaks to the streamlined command and control process within the Command and the responsive “can-do” attitude among all CANSOF members ensuring that their knowledge and incredible skill and dedication are brought to bear to combat those who threaten our fellow Canadians, friends and allies around the globe.